15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs In The Disapproving Dog Challenge

The disapproving dog challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared hilarious pictures of dogs with disapproving expressions. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of dogs in the disapproving dog challenge.

#1 – “Loki would like to join the disapproving dog challenge – He’s not amused”

Credit: Bayli Bracey

#2 – “I took away a shoe he was chewing…”

#3 – “Just stopping by to enter Hope in the disapproving dog challenge”

Credit: Sarah Mead

#4 – “Arch is not a fan of hooman’s new hair… “

#5 – “Our beagle Cooper is NOT impressed that we’re bringing a new member into the family.”

#6 – “I’ve posted both these photos of Pigeon before but they just fit the disapproving dog challenge too well 😭”

Credit: Ruby Jean

#7 – “I washed her bed tonight after she got a bath. I put the bed in her crate then she immediately pulled it out, walked in her crate and made this face”

#8 – “Freddy is NOT pleased with how late we kept him up last night 😅”

#9 – “I’ve had this picture of Duke for a few years now but it is PERFECT for the disapproving dog challenge 🤣😂🤣”

#10 – “Someone didn’t want to go inside – Old picture but fits the challenge perfectly 😂”

#11 – “She’s never disapproved of my 💩 more than this moment. 😂😂😂😂”

#12 – “Leo isn’t so sure about his costume this year. – Mawm isn’t so sure it’s on right. Or if it fits. 😂”

Credit: Sarah Snell

#13 – “Honey is not a fan of Halloween. She doesn’t wanna taco bout it.”

#14 – “Haven’t showered in two days, but you won’t let ME on the couch? Bish please.” ~Emmie Potatoes

Credit: Amanda Hahn

#15 – “Tucker doing a disapprove of the kids being up too early….”

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