15 Hilarious Pictures Of Adorable Dogs In The Close Up Challenge

The close up challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared hilarious pictures of adorable dogs that were shown in a lot of detail as it was taken very close to the dogs. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of adorable dogs in the close up challenge.

#1 – “Honey 🍯 close up challenge Basset Hound”

Credit: Crystal Ward

#2 – “Glorious Snoot 🐽”

#3 – “Posie’s humble submission for the close up challenge”

Credit: Sydney Hook

#4 – “FlapJack was born ready for the close up challenge 😉”

#5 – “perfect candidate for the close up challenge – i feel like these four photos describe her personality perfectly 😂”

#6 – “Denali looking cute with her little curls on the tips of her ears! 🥰”

#7 – “Neela wanted to join the close up challenge 💕”

#8 – “Mara before and after Dog Park”

#9 – “The sweetest boy 🥺”

#10 – “since brother cooper is getting a lot of love, Maggie would like to join in on the fun. 🥺❤️”

#11 – “His first time in the water with John Adams💜!”

#12 – “everyone meet Bristol”

#13 – “Baby posing perfectly for the close up challenge”

#14 – “Scottie close up challenge”

#15 – “Baby Loki, looking dapper as ever.”

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