15 Hilarious Photos Of The Moment Dogs Realize They Are Going To The Vet

Most dogs don’t seem to like or fear going to the vet even though it’s good for them. When dogs realize they are about to go to the vet, they often show expressions of protest or fear, some refusing to move or even trying to escape. Here are 15 hilarious photos of the moment dogs realize they are going to the vet.

#1 – “Saw this at the vet’s office a while back.”

Credit: puregoldbaby

#2 – “My friend’s dog just found out he is heading to the vet…”

Credit: gwackr

#3 – “When I’ve told my dog, that we are going to visit vet”

#4 – “The moment he realized we went past the dog park and we’re on the way to the vet.”

Credit: firemike28

#5 – “He knows he’s at the vet”

Credit: itssubhuman

#6 – “Reaction to hearing that we’re going to the vet”

Credit: DrGonorrhea

#7 – “My dog is a little scared of the vet.”

Credit: sammisch

#8 – “I know we’re not going to the dog park, mom…”

Credit: Gremlin2288

#9 – “The moment he realized we went to the vet instead of the dog park.”

Credit: Watsatron

#10 – “The exact moment he realized he was heading to the vet.”

#11 – “Suspicious corgi is suspicious.”

Credit: nombacon

#12 – “She knows she his headed to the vet”

Credit: letibeti

#13 – “Trying to escape before his vet appointment”

#14 – “How do they ALWAYS know you’re taking them to the vet even if you don’t say anything?”

Credit: schlinker

#15 – “That moment he realized we aren’t going to the park.”

Credit: blah4life
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