15 Funny Photos That Show Huskies Are The Weirdest Dogs Ever

Personality information: The Siberian Husky is a friendly, energetic, active, mischievous, loyal, outgoing dog and when they’re bored, they often chew anything, including the floor or walls. Some Siberian Husky also tend to like to escape and roam (and quite difficult to call them back when they are not playing enough).

Most Husky owners say that their Huskies is funny, weird, and sometimes a bit goofy. Their funny, cute, or goofy images and videos are shared a lot and created hilarious memes. And that is why not only dog ​​lovers know about Huskies but almost everyone using social networks knows their weirdness. Here are 15 funny photos that show huskies are the weirdest dogs ever.

#1 – “Was walking by a fence and this little derp came to say hello.”

Credit: Bbecky520

#2 – “Big smile from a big hearted dog, 13 years old”

Credit: IManLiquid

#3 – “Hold me, I’m scared!”

Credit: ArkadiusBear

#4 – “We put a flower headband thingy on our husky. He looked like he was tripping hard at EDC.”

Credit: xgrave01

#5 – “A Friends Majestic Huskies”

Credit: HellBetty42

#6 – “My warrior husky vs. the sprinkler”

Credit: Justiceeeeee

#7 – “My girlfriend’s dog when someone’s at the door…”

Credit: RWails

#8 – “Left my baby husky alone for a minute, and I come back to this .”

Credit: Kona_Dlite

#9 – “Our husky “babyproofs” herself from our son. No arms. No legs. Nothing to grab.”

Credit: lesserley

#10 – “Husky thinking he’s a cat”

#11 – “Derpy husky”

Credit: GirlFolly

#12 – “There was no hole in the tree… I have no idea what he did with his nose. I have no idea what he is doing in general tbh. He just decided to climb the tree and cram his nose into it.”

Credit: Squishy1818

#13 – “Photographer: smile pretty, Siberian Husky: …”

Credit: msmary-33

#14 – “Huskies are so weird. I would think mine was broken if I didn’t see similar pictures around here.”

Credit: kb_klash

#15 – “It’s not even weird to me anymore”

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