Top 10 Dog Breeds That Make Great Hiking Partners

Choosing a dog breed that suits your lifestyle is always a top priority. If you are a hiker and are looking for a partner who likes to hike with you, you can choose dog breeds in this article. They are dog breeds with physical characteristics suitable for hiking and also like hiking, excited about adventure trips.

#1 – Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized working dog breed native to the northeast of Siberia. The Siberian Husky was previously used as a sled dog in cold places. Today, they are more popular as pets, human companions and they are a great choice to be a companion onlong hikes. In addition, The Siberian Husky is also a friendly, mischievous, loyal, outgoing dog and when they’re bored, they often chew anything, including the floor or walls.

#2 – Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, also known as Aussie, is a breed of medium-sized herding dog that originated in United States. They have a similar appearance to the Border Collie. The Australian Shepherd is a smart, loyal, highly energetic, loving, kind, devoted dog. The Australian Shepherd a deep bond with their owners and also requires attention from their owners. If you’re looking for a hiking partner, the Australian Shepherd is a great option.

#3 – German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium-sized breed of dog originating from Germany. They have power, agility, speed and endurance. In the past, they used to work in fields or lakes. And now they have a happy life, intimate attachment and full of love according to their nature in their families. The German Shorthaired Pointer is an intelligent, bold, boisterous, eccentric, and characteristically affectionate dog that is cooperative and easily trained. In addition, they always like to be the center of attention.

#4 – Vizsla

The Vizsla is a hunting dog breed originating from Hungarian, they stand out with their agility, and energetic , and also a talented hunter. In addition, Vizsla is also very affectionate and gentle, not liking being left alone. They are a great choice for those who are looking for companions for hike and adventure.

#5 – Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is also known by the other name Blue Heeler or Red Heeler, is a breed of herding dog originating from Australia. They are compact in appearance, but full of muscle, they have short and beautiful hair and need little grooming and bathing. The Blue Heeler is also a healthy dog, rarely getting sick, and rarely seeing a vet. The Blue Heeler is a hard-working dog, if they are not working they need to exercise regularly to avoid being bored.

#6 – Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is is a large breed of all-purpose gun dog originating from Germany. The Weimaraner is short coat and unusual eyes give it a distinctive regal appearance. The Weimaraner is an energetic hunting dog, prized for its physical endurance and stamina. Weimaraners are affectionate, loyal, energetic, obedient, fearless dogs. However, this breed is not an independent breed and likes to be with theirs owner, and is prone to separation anxiety when alone.

#7 – Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large-sized breed of dog originating from Switzerland. They have a large appearance with a thick, silky, and moderately long coat is tricolored: jet black, clear white, and rust. The Bernese Mountain dog is an intelligent, loving, gentle, playful dog, easy to train, friendly with other pets and very gentle with children. In the past, this breed was used to transport milk cart and cheese over long distances in alpine pastures because of their strength and endurance. They are well suited to becoming a hiking partner.

#8 – Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a hunting dog native to Southern Africa. They are also known by other names like: African Lion Dog or African Lion Hound. Many believe that they were once used to hunt lions. The Rhodesian Ridgeback’s distinguishing feature is the ridge of hair running along its back in the opposite direction from the rest of its coat. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a loyal, intelligent, less barking dog, always want to please their owner but typically somewhat aloof to strangers.

#9 – Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a large working dog originating from United States (Alaska). Previously this breed was bred for use as sled dogs in cold places because they have strength, endurance and adaptation to the cold. The Alaskan Malamute is an affectionate, intelligence, loyal, Independence and playful dog. This breed is particularly suitable for long hikes.

#10 – Portuguese Water Dog

The Portuguese Water Dog is a working dog of Portuguese origin. Previously, they were taught to herd fish into fishermen’s nets, retrieve lost tackle or broken nets, and act as couriers from ship to ship, or ship to shore. Nowadays, this breed also becomes more fame by being the chosen breed of US President Barack Obama. The Portuguese Water Dog is also an intelligent, independent, adorable, easy-to-train dog and they have coat that is considered hypoallergenic. In addition, the Portuguese Water Dog loves water and good swimming, so they will be a great companion for trips to the beach, river or lake.

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