20 Photos Of Dogs Refusing To Come Inside When It’s Snowing

Dog breeds originating in cold climates have traits adapted to survive in cold temperatures such as a thick, waterproof double coat to keep them warm. These breeds love being outdoors in cold weather and especially lying on the snow. Owners of this breed all say that their dog refuses to come inside when it’s snowing and often becomes stubborn when called inside. Here are 20 photos of dogs refusing to come inside when it’s snowing.

#1 – “I suggested we go inside, and was immediately side eyed.”

#2 – “Helpless hooman”

Credit: Elua7

#3 – “Snow day means that I cannot get my huskies back inside.”

Credit: ktroddic

#4 – “He LOVES snow. Won’t even come inside.”

Credit: NerfHerdess

#5 – “7 degrees F and this stubborn %$#@ refuses to come inside. She’s 10 months old and WAS training well but snow is like a drug to her”

Credit: Dekes1

#6 – “The boys aren’t very interested in coming inside when it starts snowing”

Credit: mjshorty19

#7 – “It’s 3 degrees out and she’s sleeping like a little baby. Refuses to come inside, much prefers the snow over her bed.”

Credit: historybo

#8 – “Why don’t I have a snow bed for me inside?”

Credit: 4youalways

#9 – “My 3 Great Pyrenees love the snow so much they refuse to come inside”

Credit: quesagilla

#10 – “Sig loves the snow. “Why’d you make me come inside?””

Credit: howedj

#11 – “He only comes indoors for food”

#12 – ““We don’t care how many treats you have inside, as long as there’s snow out here we are going to stay out and play!” – my dogs probably”

Credit: seeyou17

#13 – “The Snow Beast in his element. He won’t come inside.”

#14 – “Ok, I’m ready to come in now.”

#15 – ““If you’re cold, your dog is cold!” … My dog:”

#16 – “Are we sharing our stubborn winter huskies? Here’s mine. She wouldn’t come inside.”

Credit: domessticfox

#17 – “Willow loves the snow and refuses to come inside”

Credit: Grifcannon26

#18 – “We’re getting three feet of snow over the next 24 hours. He still won’t come inside.”

Credit: geojenly

#19 – “It’s snowing in Minneapolis today, which means Thane now refuses to come inside.”

Credit: joojabean

#20 – “Didn’t even want to come in when I opened the door.”

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