15 Pictures Of Dogs With Rare Unique Beauty

Genetic variation, genetic defect, somatic pigment mutation or crossbreeding makes some dogs very unique in appearance. These dogs often have differences in coat color, eye color, or even body shape compared to other dogs of the same breed. Here are 15 pictures of dogs with rare unique beauty.

#1 – Aussie / GSD puppy ❤️❤️❤️

#2 – This adorable Golden Retriever is named Enzo Viola

#3 – This Chow Chow with the beauty of an angel is named Chief and nicknamed Oreo Cloud

#4 – This cute dog with large ears that looks like mickey mouse ears is named Goma

Credit: @marupgoma_c

#5 – Bernese mountain dog with a gene defect

#6 – Yakutian Laika puppy and Yakutian Laika adult

Credit: Ramenska

#7 – White Eyed Rowdy

#8 – “Chimera Labrador”

Credit: pnewell

#9 – “This puppy looks like a miniature panda”

Credit: tricky3737

#10 – “Hello hoomans and my fellow weenies!🐶 It’s another beautiful day of being a sausage dog.🌭”

#11 – “Ranboo Dog”

#12 – “Aussie Corgi mix, with spectacular Aussie fur and blue eyes”

#13 – “This unique dog is a merle (a gene that creates mottled patches of color)”

Credit: Rabano11

#14 – “Yes, I’m judging you, human. 🤨”

Credit: @luckiry

#15 – “His name is Karlo, and he is a purebred Golden Retriever”

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