15 Pictures Of Adorable Golden Retrievers In The Lock Screen Challenge

The lock screen challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners. They have shared pictures of adorable golden retrievers that they are using as their lock screens. Here are 15 pictures of adorable golden retrievers in the lock screen challenge.

#1 – “this is the day we picked up our new puppy Rogue and the moment he met Zion ♥️”

Credit: Kendra Vieth

#2 – “My lock screen 😍”

#3 – “Our Chicken! 🐶🦮”

#4 – “Golden girl Molly 💛”

#5 – “These two siblings are going to be 7 years old on 10/16!”

Credit: Chelsea Anne

#6 – “Our golden 💙”

Credit: Mina Pekić

#7 – “Poodie girl 😍”

#8 – “My Lock Screen”

#9 – “Our girl Goldie💕”

#10 – “Rusty passed away on 10-12-20 – He was 13 and the most amazing, adventurous Golden ever – I miss him so much”

Credit: Brian Childs

#11 – “My sweet silly Stanley”

#12 – “My beautiful boy Buck who we lost 5 years ago. He will always be dear to my heart. We still have the other 2 fur babies whose faces have now turned white. ❤️❤️❤️”

#13 – “This is my first post to this group (which I am so happy to be in) and this is Dexter ❤️”

Credit: Jill Stoken

#14 – “my goofy girl – locks creen challenge”

#15 – “My Little Boy Jack 🥰”

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