15 Impressive Pictures Of German Shepherds In The Pretty Eyes Challenge

The pretty eyes challenge is joined by many german shepherd owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared impressive pictures of german shepherd dogs with beautiful and unique eyes. Here are 15 impressive pictures of german shepherds in the pretty eyes challenge.

#1 – Beautiful German Shepherd with pretty eyes 💖

#2 – “My beautiful boy, Tyson. Long haired black and silver GSD. i lost him in a house fire in 2016. I have many memories popping up of him. He was such a soulful dog. ❤❤ “

#3 – “New GSD owner. Here is my sweet baby girl Ava❣That face just melts my heart!”

#4 – “Maybe not so much the pretty eyes challenge as the stink eye 😆”

#5 – “9 month old Onyx 💕”

Credit: Tyler Zee

#6 – Beautiful German Shepherd in snow – insta: lux_thegermanshepherd

#7 – “MY SHADOW!! – pretty eyes challenge”

#8 – “Scarlett Gracie. My sweetheart.”

#9 – “Meet “Nico” My Soul Mate/Service Dog – I was Blessed 5 years ago, and Nico was 11 Weeks and has Certainly Changed My Life for Ever.. 💖 @120 lbs Nico was trained for Balance and Mobility…”

#10 – “my Rain drop, who keeps me on my toes every day! (And also tells me when she thinks we’re taking too long 🤣”

#11 – “The Marshall 🐾💕”

Credit: Amy Sterling

#12 – “My majestic beast, Atlas.”

Credit: Shaye Burke

#13 – “Scout (male) wanted in on the pretty eyes challenge”

#14 – “5 month old Zues❤️”

#15 – “Love my Handsome Boy”

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