15 Hilarious Pictures Of Labrador Retrievers With Weird Actions

Labrador Retrievers are often extroverted, so they are very active, playful, love to show affection and receive attention from their owners. And that’s why Labrador Retrievers sometimes act a little silly, weird, and funny. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of labrador retrievers with weird actions.

#1 – “Is this what Labradors are supposed to look like? It’s her second birthday today, and I’m wondering if there’s some sort of metamorphosis that occurs around this age.”

Credit: incredibass

#2 – Labrador Retriever: I couldn’t work out which stick you threw so I brought them all

#3 – “My 115 pound lab thinks he’s a cat”

Credit: muidawg

#4 – “My dog brought me some dirt today” – Labrador Retriever

#5 – “Every day I walk my dog, he finds the biggest stick possible to bring as a gift/sacrifice for the ‘big dogs’.”

#6 – “Reason Kova (Labrador Retriever) hides in tub: thunderstorms, loud noises, people arguing on TV, thunderstorms on TV. Will not budge.”

#7 – “she sits so weirdly”

#8 – “One weird, happy Labrador”

Credit: nilstgmd

#9 – “My friends dog is pretty strange…”

Credit: pkurk

#10 – “Broken Labrador Retriever”

Credit: atollo

#11 – “Sleeping like a baby….this is in response to someone’s post about weird lab sleeping!”

Credit: powellmaggie

#12 – The Labrador Retriever wants to taste the rainbow

Credit: GallowBoob

#13 – “Every time a dog is on TV”

Credit: Iagut070

#14 – “So this happened”

#15 – “You know dad it’s important to stretch before doing any major exercises”

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