15 Hilarious Pictures Of How Dogs Use Dog Beds

I bought my dogs an expensive dog bed but my dogs very rarely sleep on it. They only use the dog bed to hide their toys, or huddle up to lie in the corner. For my dogs, their favorite sleeping spot is still our unwashed laundry basket. And there are quite a few dog owners, who also share that the investment in dog beds is a failure. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of how dogs use dog beds.

#1 – “hasn’t quite figured out the dog bed”

Credit: tdogdestroy

#2 – “It’s not like I don’t buy him big dog beds”

#3 – “We just bought new dog beds. I don’t think they understand how this works.”

Credit: dreitas

#4 – “The dog bed was a good investment”

Credit: matrayzz

#5 – “My girl can’t figure out how a dog bed works”

Credit: Drock1879

#6 – “Toby hasn’t quite mastered how to use the dog bed”

Credit: Jenergy83

#7 – “Smooshed cat house > personal space on actual dog bed”

#8 – “He hasn’t quite figured out the new dog bed.”

Credit: karigal50

#9 – “How to sleep on a dog bed…”

Credit: Aimerfii

#10 – “He has a big bed, but he chose to sleep in our little dog’s bed”

#11 – “Two dog beds available, and yet…”

#12 – “Most expensive pillow. Dog has early arthritis so I bought him an orthopedic bed. This is how he enjoys it.”

#13 – “Moved the dog bed by the computer, thinking he might lay on it then. Nah, beside it on the floor is better :p”

Credit: noodles686

#14 – “Perfectly fine dog bed but chooses to lay in a pile of packing material.”

Credit: Lazy_James

#15 – “Super glad I bought that nice ass dog bed – The other one was in the wash cus the puppy peed on it 🤭”

Credit: JMahl11
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