15 Hilarious Pictures Of German Shepherds With Funny Smiles

German shepherd dogs with happy and funny smiles that make everyone laugh are loved and shared on social networks by many dog ​​lovers. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of german shepherds with funny smiles.

#1 – “Smile please….😁😁😁😁”

#2 – “when your dog finally learns the command “smile” 😬”

Credit: Emma Kosa

#3 – “Not sure if Deacon my grand dog was glad to be rescued but his smile says it all.❤️❤️❤️❤️”

#4 – “Archer smiling for the camera”

Credit: t_andy

#5 – “I’ll smile for the camera mom”

#6 – “Smile is best answer for all the isuues 😂😂 My love rex boy ❤️”

#7 – “Montana loves to smile getting her picture taken”

#8 – “I asked her to smile. 😁”

Credit: Robin Murphy

#9 – “All smiles getting her nails done 😂”

Credit: oracleuna

#10 – “Barron has the best smile!”

#11 – “My favorite smile”

Credit: Zoraku

#12 – “She’s always smiling.”

Credit: GiantTripod

#13 – “Just A Happy Pupper”

Credit: colt29708

#14 – “Lost first tooth, only 27 more to ruin your life!”

Credit: Amiramaha

#15 – “All smiles because it’s Friday! 🐾”

Credit: kpicaz
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