15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dorky Dog Toofs

The community “Toofers” and the hashtag #Toofers are enjoyed by many dog owners and share pictures of dogs with an adorable snaggle toof, a silly snarl, or beautiful smiles. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of dorky dog toofs.

#1 – Cute smile with beautiful white teefers

Credit: Ladiesendme

#2 – “Floofer-toofer”

Credit: ohhhleyroy

#3 – “Say ello to mah little teef! Wink wink 😜”

#4 – “My friend’s pittie has the most awkwardly adorable smile”

Credit: MedZeppelin

#5 – “Teef :B”

Credit: NanoCharat

#6 – These teeth look like shark teeth

#7 – showing toofers

Credit: @chloe.7m

#8 – “This is gunner and he is very happy we found this sub!”

#9 – “Razor sharp”

#10 – “My dog lost his first tooth and he’s freakin out over it”

Credit: softsoggy

#11 – “By popular demand here’s my lil pup daisy”

Credit: Sleepercivic

#12 – “working at a dog daycare perk 657: Holly’s bottom teefers”

#13 – “Rescued this pup last week. Any time I talk to her or give her the smallest bit of attention she smiles and shows her toofers!”

#14 – beautiful smiles with perfect toofers

Credit: lilredisking

#15 – “my dog for those who sort by new”

Credit: Sleepercivic
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