15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs Who Refuse To Act Normal

Dogs have a knack for being lovable goofballs, and when it comes to acting normal, some of our furry friends simply don’t play by the rules! In this article, get ready to be entertained as we present 15 uproarious pictures of dogs who have completely thrown the concept of “acting normal” out the window. From quirky facial expressions to hilarious antics, these canine companions are masters of mischief and merriment. Whether they’re striking peculiar poses or engaging in utterly adorable antics, these pictures are guaranteed to brighten your day and leave you in fits of laughter. Join us on this delightful journey into the world of canine comedy, and prepare to fall in love with these charming four-legged comedians who bring a whole new meaning to “being themselves!”

#1 – “Seriously. This is how he sits. All. The. Time.”

#2 – “Distraction Expert Level achieved.”

#3 – “He collected all balls he found in the house and then layed like this for 10 minutes”

Credit: chrisbiss_15

#4 – “Sorry, Not Sorry”

Credit: GeekyMirror

#5 – “made a friend, being extremely cool and normal about it”

#6 – “We got him a stand so he wouldn’t have to bend down so much while eating. Yeah, about that…”

Credit: Mjyys99

#7 – “The creation of… something”

Credit: whiteniteee

#8 – “My cousin said Brownie is a well behaved dog. I came home to this & I can’t stop laughing”

#9 – “My dog was sitting like this while being fed with a fork by her grandpa”

Credit: pilarstol

#10 – “I think I over cooked my poodle”

#11 – “Our toothless rescue dog who never retracts her tongue”

Credit: mechanigoat

#12 – “this is how he sits”

Credit: blu9bird

#13 – “My girl at doggy daycare today. She is beauty and she is grace.”

Credit: Jcarrxo

#14 – “This weirdo’s figured out that sitting here gets her the most pets from passers-by”

Credit: HimeTheHusky

#15 – “Refuses to sleep without an apple slice. Every night.”

Credit: mizziness
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