15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs Who Just Love To Sleep In Laundry Baskets

A lot of dog owners have complained that they bought their dogs expensive dog beds but their dogs just love to sleep in laundry baskets. Some dogs are too big for laundry baskets but they still try to sleep in these laundry baskets. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of dogs who just love to sleep in laundry baskets.

#1 – “Who needs a bed when there is clean laundry in a basket?”

Credit: City-Long

#2 – “Prefers my laundry basket over his bed”

Credit: Mozzy2022

#3 – “My dog will choose to sleep in my laundry basket over any couch/bed or otherwise”

Credit: BABatron22

#4 – “Just a dog loving his basket. Snug fit.”

Credit: krtgrdkosmrt

#5 – “My puppy likes to nap in the laundry basket”

Credit: lasagnamoon

#6 – “A house full of beds… but the laundry basket will do!”

Credit: azsmile15

#7 – “Laundry basket = bed”

Credit: yesmilady

#8 – “She would choose the laundry basket over her bed.”

#9 – “Laundry basket > memory foam mattress”

Credit: bangarang07

#10 – “Ben tries to bury his pig’s ear. He like laundry baskets.”

#11 – “When you wake up at 4am to strange noises but it’s just your dog climbing into the washing basket.”

#12 – “Wilma Rudolph also loves to climb into laundry baskets.”

Credit: jessikate

#13 – “would rather sleep in his toy/sweater basket than on a couch, giant bean bag chair, multiple beds, dog bed, mini tent, etc etc”

Credit: anchen47

#14 – “An advance on the Dog in the washing basket post from earlier”

Credit: swiftyattack

#15 – “Why sleep on bed when I can dig clean clothes and toys and sleep in the laundry basket!! Oh well 🙄”

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