15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs That Show You Their Extremely Wide Mouth

The moment when dogs are opening their wide mouths and being somewhat oversized for their bodies is loved and shared by many people. Some people have given them interesting nicknames or called them dogs from another dimension or the multiverse. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of dogs that show you their extremely wide mouth.

#1 – “The inside of a chihuahua puppy’s mouth. Not sure whether to laugh or to be scared at how wide his mouth stretched.”

#2 – “Guyver Genuinely Enjoying His Post-nap Stretch”

#3 – “She loves the blower”

Credit: vinkulelu

#4 – “My friend’s dog had a battle with a leaf blower.”

Credit: oldwarhorse

#5 – “Taylor loves biting the air from the blower”

#6 – “«Just let me stretch before we go»”

#7 – “She got a big mouth”

#8 – “My dog Zoops biting at water at the beach, looking crazed.”

Credit: swiggajuice

#9 – “My husky finally stopped scratching the door to be let in. He now tries to bite the glass.”

Credit: jstone0105

#10 – “my adorable, teething demon”

#11 – “Found out my dog loves the leaf blower”

Credit: Bozlogic

#12 – “Owning A Malinois Summed Up in One Picture”

#13 – “Luna loves trying to bite the water”

Credit: Falhawker

#14 – “Morning stretches”

Credit: Polski66

#15 – “The face my dog makes when he yawns and stretches every morning.”

Credit: 272neat
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