15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs In The Tongue Out Challenge

The tongue out challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared hilarious, unique and adorable pictures of dogs sticking out their tongues. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of dogs in the tongue out challenge.

#1 – “8 week old dotties”

#2 – “Bean absolutely wins the cutest tongue out challenge but she guesses she would like to see her competitors anyways 😋”

Credit: Jade Moeller

#3 – “🐶 Stella 👅”

Credit: Ray Hosta

#4 – “I think Marlow wins the tongue out challenge Tell him that I am wrong”

#5 – “My love Dean (his main owner) and I had to say goodbye to this handsome guy on Christmas Eve. We have cried and cried but now trying to remember and smile….”

#6 – “This is Ginger (my Ginger Minge) She was an amazing girl, best ball dog and had a HUGE tongue 😛 ❤️ – She has ears 🙂”

Credit: Julie Downey

#7 – “tongue out challenge from my sweet little copper ❤️❤️ Love this little man!! He’s a winner for sure!!”

#8 – “You know you’re a hard-core dog mom when you find dog hair in your food and still continue to eat it. No? Just me? – Pic of my Dazey baby”

Credit: Lacy Johnson

#9 – “This is Austin, the most beautiful boy. A couple of years ago he sadly got killed instantly when he was hit by a tractor in a freak accident and was taken in a blink of an eye, he died in his daddy’s arms. Never forgotten. He had so much zest for life. Taken far to soon at just 3 years old❤️”

Credit: Mandi Parr

#10 – “I have one more for the tongue out challenge – Yes, that is banana pudding on her top lip. Wanna know how it got there? I walked out of the office for literally 2 seconds, she saw an opportunity, so she took it.”

#11 – “Bubba joins the tongue out challenge”

#12 – “Vada Jane has the LONGEST tongue i swear! 🤣 can my sweet girl have some love? 🥺”

Credit: Jacey Rich

#13 – “Maci wanted to share some of her tongue for the tongue out challenge”

#14 – “Aurora aka “The Great White” attempting the tongue out challenge”

Credit: Zach Welcher

#15 – “Well.. the tongue is always out with this one. 🙈”

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