15 Hilarious Pictures Of Dogs In The Teeth Challenge

The teeth challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared hilarious pictures of their dogs proudly showing off their cute or funny teeth. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of dogs in the teeth challenge.

#1 – “This is 10 year old Tess, my Italian greyhound, showing off her smile 🥰 it’s a happy/excited expression for her, not an angry snarl.”

#2 – “My 13-year-old rescue pup Little Allie asks… “Do you like my smile??” 🙏🏼😁😍”

Credit: Liz Grumet

#3 – “Here is our doggie Brian, a Bichon/Jack Russell mix rescue pup, posing for the camera and wanting a treat!”

#4 – “Sometimes my tongue get stuck on my teef” does it ring a bell? The tiktok song “stuck on my teefs”

Credit: Velene Yeoh

#5 – “Here’s my 6 year old sweetheart of a girl, Reese! She loves to smile and show off her teefies, even though she is losing her front two! She loves to eat dirt!”

Credit: Gina McMahon

#6 – “Yesh mom, I like CHEESE”

#7 – “Ultimate concentration – I swear she’s usually not this weird looking”

#8 – “Mister Hank always has to be touching mama”

#9 – “Schatzi loves to play fetch except she won’t give you back the toy so you can throw it again, even though she reallllly wants you to throw it and play with her. girlie’s got a death grip. these pics have been an end result TEETH Challenge”

#10 – “Show me your puppers teeth 🦷”

Credit: Aussiee Adam

#11 – “Mr. Chimkin would like to participate in the teeth challenge”

Credit: Kaitlin Rose

#12 – “I’ve posted Gus Gus for the Pretty Eyes Challenge but what about Suki for the TEETH Challenge ??? 🦷😂 The states she wakes up in! Her lips dry and curl up😂”

Credit: Molly Bailey

#13 – “Pepper Louise requested to join the TEETH Challenge 💛 this little girls teeth are always out!”

#14 – “Penny’s grownup teeth just started coming in and now we’re all scared”

#15 – “Is it possible to knock out two challenges at once? 😂🤷🏻‍♀️”

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