15 Hilarious Pictures of Corgis With Unique Sleeping Positions

Adorable corgis are sleeping with adorable, unique and funny sleeping positions that make everyone smile when looking at them. These pictures are loved and shared a lot in groups about corgis. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of corgis with unique sleeping positions.

#1 – Adorable corgi puppy sleeping in a baseball cap 🐶☀️💖

#2 – “She has been sleeping like this for 20min. Can you tell which toy is her favourite? :’)”

#3 – “Eat, play, “stop nipping,” pee, poo, sleep, and repeat. Basically sums up the first 2 days with this guy 😂”

#4 – “Latte has discovered a new way to sleep”

Credit: Artz4fun

#5 – “The man sleeps like he got no bills.”

Credit: Eviltofu123

#6 – “How you sleep when you have no stress in life. Lizzy at 9 weeks”

#7 – “My little guy sleeping after his bath.”

Credit: EeroAntto

#8 – “Does your corgo like to sleep under your chair? How do you stop that? I’ve almost run over Mr. Beans more than a few times!”

Credit: Unstupid

#9 – “Doug sleeps like his owner”

#10 – “anyone else’s corgi sleep like this”

#11 – “Our candy bar sleeping”

Credit: dyzhdyzh

#12 – “What sleep position is this called. I’ll call it the Twister!”

#13 – “Sleeping “upside down” Beauty”

Credit: Kirbys05

#14 – “Does anyone else have a corgi that sleeps with a head pillow? Lizzy 9 weeks”

#15 – “I’m working and she’s sleeping like that when I turn around 😭”

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