15 Hilarious Pictures Of Border Collie Teefs

Hilarious and adorable pictures of border collie teefs with an adorable snaggle teefs, a silly snarl, or funny smiles are loved and shared by many border collie lovers on social networks. With hilarious and cute pictures of these border collie teefs hope to make you feel happy. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of border collie teefs.

#1 – “Just to make Monday better ! 😂❤️ I would love to see your funny faces 😁 Viso 6months”

Credit: Amelia Kurek

#2 – “My smiley boy begging for some attention.. of course he always gets his way. And please no “he is showing aggression comments”. This is his common and go to face for attention and excitement ❤️”

#3 – “My vicious little cheese head!!! She does ‘cheese face’ on command. Love my Cassie Girl! ❤️”

#4 – “This is the face I get every morning from pip dose enyone else have a smiley collie 😀”

#5 – “I’ve owned lots of breeds but this is my first Border Collies. Do they all have tongues as long as their bodies? The thing is like a slap bracelet when it comes out and just wraps around any object like a lizard catching a fly. It’s impressive, really.”

#6 – “Look at Rosie’s beautiful smile 😁🤣😍”

#7 – “Only a Border Collie would fall asleep like a little human! 😴 Now I’m stuck on the sofa for the foreseeable future! 😂”

Credit: Jon Milligan

#8 – “MOLLY!!! Did you just push the kitten off the bed because it wanted my attention?”

Credit: Tia Birdwell

#9 – “We say smiiiiiiile JoJo and she does! 🤣😬 Oh how I love our little Border Coo Coo!”

Credit: Sunny Nunan

#10 – “Teef!”

#11 – “I have a split face and in the last 1-2 months she is showing the tear stain on her white side. We wash her face daily but still happening. Not horrible. Anyone have any tried and true remedies? Please no chemical based stuff. Here’s Miss Luna for your viewing pleasure. (Yes I’ve shared this pic before and this is her smiling…..or I just got in trouble face….. for real….little scary looking but makes us laugh) BC rule!! 🐾❤️”

#12 – “12 weeks old on Friday. Still biting us all, including poor 4 year old lottie, who’s patience is wearing thin! Toys, bones galore and still bites like a maddie. He’s not affectionate at all! Still love him dearly though. Any tips?”

#13 – “Teef or boop your choice”

#14 – “How Loch wakes up from naps.”

Credit: Delanoso

#15 – “She wasn’t particularly impressed with me but I do so love this pic!”

Credit: Lynnication
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