15 Hilarious Pictures Of Adorable Dogs In The Zoom Challenge

The zoom challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared hilarious pictures of dogs that are photographed close-up of their faces making these pictures of dogs look a bit strange but also very unique. Here are 15 hilarious pictures of adorable dogs in the zoom challenge.

#1 – “I tried the Zoom Challenge and now these are my favorite pictures of Teddy 😂”

Credit: Maggie Paley

#2 – “Guinness & Gypsy wanted in on the 0.5x zoom challenge. 🥺🐶🐶 How did they do? 🥰”

Credit: Amy Linette

#3 – “Neko’s submission for the Zoom Challenge.”

#4 – “.5x zoom. 😂”

#5 – “My sweetest boy” – The Zoom Challenge

#6 – “Brawly and I heard someone say Zoom Challenge 👀”

#7 – “Zoom Challenge Memphis needs a boop !”

#8 – “5 zoom – Millie wants to join in! Zoom Challenge”

#9 – “Gibson’s Zoom Challenge 🤣”

#10 – “Tried the Zoom Challenge on my Boston Terrier Bette Midler but her lip looks like it’s swollen 😂”

#11 – “A BOO-FER-ONE DEAL ✌🏽” – The Zoom Challenge

#12 – “Zoom challenge or zoomies challenge? Either way, Finley was ready to deliver.”

#13 – “It’s Sprout’s turn to do the Zoom Challenge 💕”

Credit: Emilia Ann

#14 – “Cool kid 😎” – The Zoom Challenge

#15 – “Buddy wanted to be a part of the Zoom Challenge”

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