15 Hilarious Pictures About “#unflattering_dog_photo_challenge” Are Loved By Many People

Currently, the #unflattering_dog_photo_challenge is being responded by many dog ​​owners on social networks. Dog owners share about the not-so-beautiful moments of dogs, but they are really funny and loved by many people. Here are 15 hilarious pictures about “#unflattering_dog_photo_challenge” are loved by many people.

#1 – “Perfect shot of Charlie getting slapped in the face by a leaf – Happy Fall! 🤣🍂”

#2 – “Archo heckin’ concerned! Archo has not checked in on his frens for some time! So, here I is… popping by to say… henlo! You is worthy! You is beautiful! You is loved! And… I am floof! 🐾❤️”

#3 – “mom caught me napping….”

#4 – “Rex loves an unflattering photo 😂”

Credit: @Katie Ford

#5 – “✨ TIRED ✨ HUSKY ✨ So so so tired, himb melted into the steering wheel!”

Credit: @Anna Jacobs

#6 – “This is Kailey. She exemplifies elegance and class. Kailey is no longer with us, as September 18, 2020 cancer took her at the young age of 7. This is how I like to remember my beautiful monster. ❤”

#7 – “This is young Miss Opal and she can’t be bothered with you human peasants and your fall photography!”

Credit: @Holly Anne

#8 – “I took a couple of pictures while playing keep away with Loki’s ball – and got this face. I have officially laughed myself hoarse!”

#9 – “Caption Nella’s contribution to the #unflatteringdogphotochallenge”

Credit: @Erin Ford

#10 – “My dog is actually really cute but here he looks like a steroid ridden kangaroo.”

#11 – “Huskies; well-known for their elegance, beauty, sophistication…”

#12 – “This is TOAD”

#13 – “#unflattering_dog_photo_challenge for old times’ sake 😂”

#14 – “This is Cooper, Cooper is a very special sausage 😂”

Credit: @Kate Riley

#15 – “Happy Saturday everyone! 😂🌞”

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