15 Hilarious Photos Of Adorable Puppies With Great Destructive Power

Puppies are usually very energetic, so they are often very mischievous and want to explore things, so when they do not receive attention, they are prone to destructive behavior. Many dog owners often complain that their puppy is a destructive with a lovely appearance, but simply providing them with toys and attention will limit these destructive behaviors. Here are 15 hilarious photos of adorable puppies with great destructive power.

#1 – “Kyah on her destructive path.”

Credit: ELLIS_981

#2 – “I’m glad you’re home. It’s been pretty boring around here.”

Credit: gizzoojr

#3 – “The pillow just EXPLODED, Mom!!”

#4 – “Have a puppy. It’s going to be fun they said.”

Credit: duff0

#5 – “Mum forgot to move the plant before leaving me in my room…so I took the opportunity to destroy it”

#6 – “Who destroyed my plant?”

Credit: fszalai

#7 – “The destruction has started!”

#8 – “So I come inside from mowing to find that my pup destroyed her bed… She loved that bed! I think she realized what she did because she got real sad and laid in the middle of it and curled up.”

Credit: ToneStarx

#9 – “I bet if I sit and look really innocent, I won’t get in trouble for the mass destruction I’ve caused.”

Credit: xediaj

#10 – “I didn’t do it 🤷🏼‍♀️”

#11 – “Vandal caught in the act”

Credit: jorma75

#12 – “His ears disappear when he knows he’s busted.”

Credit: TankVet

#13 – “Guilty face when caught in the act”

#14 – “When your dog gets caught chewing up her bed and pretends to be invisible…”

Credit: aryanoface

#15 – “Welcome home Mum!”

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