15 Funny Pictures Of Yorkies Before And After Haircut

Many yorkie owners have shared pictures of their yorkies before and after haircut and grooming. After haircut and grooming, yorkies can change their appearance dramatically and even make them unrecognizable by their owners. Here are 15 funny pictures of yorkies before and after haircut.

#1 – “Before and after…”

Credit: Ufuk Çelik

#2 – “Harley likes her new do! Before and after!”

Credit: Dale Steen

#3 – “Before and after. From Chewbacca to our sweet little Kami❤️🐾”

#4 – “Hello to all my fellow Yorkie lovers💗 My sweet little Daisy before and after her trip to the beauty salon …lol she’s 12 years old and a whole 5lbs”

#5 – “Before…….And after grooming”

#6 – “Cody, her before and after haircut!”

Credit: Liz Pais

#7 – “Cricket’s second grooming… before and after. Happy 8 months!”

#8 – “before and after🐶”

Credit: Bella Rose

#9 – “Mr. Olaf, before and after”

#10 – “My almost 10 year old girl Abby. Before grooming and after grooming, she’s so beautiful 😍”

#11 – “Before and after 🤣🤣💙💙💙 Scooby 💙💙💙”

#12 – “Before and after Grooming love him so much”

#13 – “Before and after hair cut! He loves going to the spa!”

#14 – “Brutus, my chocolate guy, gets his first cut..before and after..”

#15 – “Before and after! Baby boy was not a fan of what the groomer made him look like 😂😂”

Credit: Holly LiuKer
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