15 Funny Pictures Of Yorkie Teefs

Funny and adorable pictures of yorkie teefs with an adorable snaggle teefs, a silly snarl, or beautiful smiles are loved and shared by many yorkie lovers on social networks. With funny and cute pictures of these yorkie teefs hope to make you feel happy. Here are 15 funny pictures of yorkie teefs.

#1 – Yorkie puppy with cute teefs 🐶🐾💖

Credit: Kathy Even

#2 – “This is Tuckers Monday face 😁😆 that smile 💙💙”

#3 – “My girl Edie.”

#4 – “Bubbless today is 14. Years old. Happy birthday my baby.❤️❤️💋💋💋💋”

Credit: Jana Bundova

#5 – “Something to make you all smile, this is Tucker wishing you a happy Thursday!!! Love this pup soooo much!!! 💙💙💙”

#6 – “My Henry ❤❤❤”

Credit: Page Clark

#7 – “Magnolia showing off her big girl teeth! 😁”

#8 – “My Mollie 11 years young 🥰 and not much teeth 🦷 left but this one 😅”

#9 – “Do you like my only two teeth?”

#10 – “Sometimes my lip gets stuck on my teefs”

Credit: IForgotMyBad

#11 – “My little toofer boy….turbo says let’s see those toofers”

#12 – “Freya showing her teef begging for a treat”

#13 – “sis says I need a breath mint, but all I see is pearly white teef”

#14 – “Listen up kids brush ur tooth’s or they will fall out like mine! But my mama says I’ve the prettiest smile she ever did see 😍😊”

#15 – “I’m full, teeth clean.😊 Wish you sweet dreams and a good nite..🥰😴”

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