15 Funny Pictures of Vizslas With Unique Sleeping Positions

Many vizslas owners say that their vizslas have weird and unique sleeping positions, and these vizslas also feel very comfortable with that sleeping position. Here are 15 funny pictures of vizslas with unique sleeping positions.

#1 – “Cracks me up each time i find doggo sleeping like this.”

#2 – “Normal dog vs Vizsla sleeping position 😂”

Credit: Shominus

#3 – “My V should be uncomfortable…”

Credit: babetteg2655

#4 – “Meet Kutya this is how he sleeps”

Credit: RuDe_1214

#5 – “She loves to sleep upside down”

#6 – “Name the sleeping position 💤”

Credit: Periwinqueen

#7 – “Jack likes to sleep in some unusual positions”

Credit: cope413

#8 – “When you’ll only sleep on the softest part of the couch…..”

#9 – “Favorite sleeping position”

Credit: vraiste69

#10 – “Damn, I wish I could sleep like that again!”

Credit: 1vizsla_luvr

#11 – “I love when Vs sleep like this”

#12 – “When you sleep like a king”

#13 – “This is how our boy sleeps…”

#14 – “Our sleeping beauties.”

Credit: fish1960

#15 – “Only the most comfortable sleeping positions”

Credit: Tramppy
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