15 Funny Pictures Of Squishy Dog Cheeks

Pictures of squishy dog cheeks easily make people feel interesting, happy and smile at first sight. Many dog owners have shared pictures of their dogs having their cheeks squeezed, making them look very cute, adorable, unique and funny on social networks. Here are 15 funny pictures of squishy dog cheeks.

#1 – “Stretchy Dog”

Credit: wunschlicht

#2 – How cute 🥰

#3 – “Who are you?! 😂😂”

Credit: @mojiakira

#4 – “Does anyone know how to get these humans to stop squeezing me? 🙄😝”

#5 – “What fluffly cheeks i have 😽”

#6 – “I am the cute bunny :)”

Credit: origami1314

#7 – “Chipmunkin’ on Friyay 🌰”

#8 – Funny and adorable face of husky puppy 💖

Credit: Unknown

#9 – “Cheek pinching gone too far”

#10 – Adorable Shiba Inu 🐶

Credit: Unknown

#11 – “Apollo is finally big enough to have cheeks to squish😍”

Credit: Taylor Rego

#12 – “That moment you realize those holiday cookies went straight to dem cheeks.”

#13 – “The dog I have at home is also cute😍”

Credit: @ryoma_0113

#14 – Very stretchy

Credit: Unknown

#15 – “Shiba Inus have food bags on their cheeks.”

Credit: @t_ranzo
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