15 Funny Pictures Of Sleeping Shiba Inus

Sleeping Shiba Inus capture our hearts with their endearing, quirky, and utterly charming sleeping postures, evoking smiles and spreading joy across online communities dedicated to these delightful dogs. The internet is brimming with an array of adored and widely shared images showcasing the captivating slumbering positions of Shiba Inus. In this collection, we present 15 uproariously funny pictures that exhibit the unique snoozing antics of these beloved dog companions. Get ready to be charmed by the irresistible sleep snapshots that perfectly encapsulate the essence of Shiba Inus at rest.

#1 – “My doge sleeps in the weirdest way”

Credit: bopplesnoot

#2 – “Caught sleeping in a heart shape”

Credit: Gracynvh

#3 – “Why use the comfortable bed when you can sleep like this?”

Credit: Shu-Chi

#4 – “Even after two years, he still sleeps with the blanket we brought him home in.”

#5 – “I know everyone is probably tired of sleeping pups, but I couldn’t resist…”

Credit: NoSpamiam

#6 – “does anyone else have a shiba that just loves sleep more than anything”

#7 – “I’m a night shift guy and when i’m at my job our shiba sleeps with my girlfriend like this”

Credit: Arttyom

#8 – “Can we start of thread of Shibas in weird sleeping positions 😂”

Credit: BbyGhost666

#9 – “Taiko sleeping with his llama”

#10 – “What’s the point of buying a bed when she sleeps like this haha.”

Credit: xviinguyen

#11 – “New sleeping position, form is 10/10”

Credit: cargamosa

#12 – “That’s okay… I didn’t want to sleep anyways. (My little bed hogs. 😍)”

#13 – “Such a weird way to sleep”

Credit: proxyswede

#14 – “If your shiba sleeps entirely on their bed, are they really a shiba?”

Credit: DKeller555

#15 – “Bought him a bigger and better bed but he still chooses to sleep in his old bed from puppyhood”

Credit: JustAnINFJ
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