15 Funny Pictures Of Sleeping Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are sleeping with adorable, unique and funny sleeping positions that make everyone smile when looking at them. These pictures are loved and shared a lot in groups about golden retrievers. Here are 15 funny pictures of sleeping golden retrievers.

#1 – “He finally figured out it’s more comfortable to sleep in the bed!”

Credit: Haffster

#2 – “Guess I’ll just sleep on the floor then.”

Credit: GrumpyGiant

#3 – “Jerry Sleeps almost 16 Hours a day, and still sleepy!”

Credit: muppal88

#4 – “My second in command, sleeping on the job.”

Credit: Hebespunk

#5 – “Anyone else let their dog sleep in bed?”

Credit: One_Ad646

#6 – “They say once you let a golden sleep in your bed, they never leave. They were right.”

Credit: MickyLouLou

#7 – “My baby boy still sleeps with his blankie in his mouth”

Credit: PeRnAPaW

#8 – “This is how he sleeps.”

Credit: Bubbleteade

#9 – “Everyone’s golden sleeps like this, right?!”

Credit: lucia_swings

#10 – “this dog has saved my life within 1.5 weeks. last night I slept on the floor after an argument with my boyfriend. she slept with her chin laid across my cheek for 8 hours straight. she would not move. she usually likes to sleep near feet and I can’t get her to stay by my upper body. she knew…”

Credit: GhxxxstCat

#11 – “He’s 3 yrs old & 80lbs….but sometimes he just wants to sleep in his puppy bed 😂”

#12 – “Does anyone else’s golden sleep like this?”

Credit: piccolom

#13 – “You ever look at them sleeping and almost cry because it hits you just how beautiful and pure and perfect they are?”

#14 – “How you sleep when you don’t worry about money.”

Credit: zooks_UT

#15 – “1 year later and Otis still sleeps on Dad’s shoes.”

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