15 Funny Pictures Of Shiba Inus With Their Tongues Out

Shiba Inus, with their distinctive fox-like appearance and spirited personalities, have a knack for captivating our hearts with their playful antics. From their adorable expressions of joy to the mischievousness that radiates through their tongue-wagging grins, these snapshots offer a glimpse into the charming world of these charismatic dogs. Whether you’re a devoted Shiba Inu lover or simply looking for a dose of dog cuteness, these lighthearted images are bound to bring a smile to your face and remind you of the unique charm that Shiba Inus bring to our lives. Here are 15 funny pictures of corgis with their tongues out.

#1 – “Happy tongue out Tuesday :P”

Credit: KetoKitsune

#2 – “Lana and Krieger: sun’s out, tongues out”

Credit: Mekanikos

#3 – “When your tongue is infinite times longer than your 9 week old attention span”

#4 – “First Time I’ve Seen Colt Sleep With His Tongue Out”

Credit: mikeman2992

#5 – “Always sleeps with his tongue out. It’s one of my favorite things 😆”

Credit: anv9876

#6 – “Long tongue”

#7 – “He couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth as a pup. He’s since grown out of that.”

#8 – “Suns out, tongues out!”

#9 – “Meet Nemo, hes 3 months old, has a lazy eye and loves sticking his tongue out!”

Credit: crack-rock

#10 – “Kenji your tongue is so big!”

Credit: dcdoesntsurf

#11 – “Suns out, tongues out😝”

#12 – “Why is your tongue out you silly doggy 😛”

Credit: mrcoffee84

#13 – “Tongue out Tuesday 🐶”

Credit: enifeniwder

#14 – “What a long tongue…”

Credit: c0nknee

#15 – “Suns out…tongues out!”

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