15 Funny Pictures Of Shiba Inu Teefs

Shiba Inus are known for their distinctive looks and playful personalities, making them one of the most beloved breeds on the internet. If you’re a fan of these furry friends, then you’re in for a treat with this collection of 15 funny pictures of Shiba Inu teefs. Whether they’re sticking their tongues out or flashing their pearly whites, these dogs are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten up your day. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the cutest and funniest moments of Shiba Inu teefs captured on camera.

#1 – “Look at his adult teefs so proud 👏😎😁❤️”

Credit: Mai Noe

#2 – “My Gogi is just about 5 months. In the process of losing his baby shark teeth and we discovered he’s a Dork Dog. 😂💗”

Credit: Teresa Kuers

#3 – “Vampires are real for sure 🦇😬😳😱”

#4 – “Show me your smiling shibas 🥰🥰”

#5 – “I have a 3 month old shiba puppy and she loves to bite everything (including us). We do have chew toys but she ends up wanting to bite us with her shark teeth instead lol”

Credit: Madison Dyer

#6 – “Little Taro is very proud of his two big boy front teeth coming in!!! 😁😂”

#7 – “Get thome wather pleathe, my mouth ith a bit dry.”

#8 – “My Tofu’s new smile to show off his teefs. Happy Friday, everyone!”

#9 – “That “sweet” puppy face at 3 am👹😈👿 and he is enjoying every second of keeping me awake🤦‍♀️”

Credit: Inna Liv

#10 – “If you doubted lipliner, here’s your proof it is necessary…. Yukio’s a shi-ba-liever.”

#11 – “Widdo helper”

#12 – “Let’s see them teefs”

Credit: Bill Luu

#13 – “We have an 8 month old Shiba who likes to greet people teeth first. He’s definitely NOT doing it in an aggressive way, it’s an over-excited puppy nip, except he isn’t really a puppy anymore and we’re not okay with it. His adult teeth are gigantic. He’s especially bad when it’s people he knows and loves (he’s on better behavior for strangers luckily).”

#14 – “Today I discovered something called a ballll piiitt 🤩”

Credit: Wenxuan Ni

#15 – “Let me see your funny shib expressions 🤯🤣”

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