15 Funny Pictures Of Labrador Retrievers With Happy Smiles

The happy faces with bright smiles of labrador retrievers are easy to melt people’s hearts. Many labrador retriever ​​owners have shared pictures of their labrador retrievers smiling brightly, cute, adorable and equally funny on social networks and received a lot of love from everyone. Here are 15 funny pictures of labrador retrievers with happy smiles.

#1 – “She smiles as she slowly slides backwards”

#2 – “Found her under the cralwspace of a house. Owner of house saw me pull her out and said i can keep her if i want her. I think shes a lab but what do yall think? Im guessing shes about 8-10 weeks old”

#3 – “Gracie is always smiling!”

#4 – “Mabli enjoying her life, chilling on the sofa. She seems pretty happy about it too 😂”

Credit: JohanFinski

#5 – “A happy dog”

#6 – “Charlie wants to wish you all a great day and hopes he made you smile.”

Credit: ms-anon

#7 – “Hey! My girl can smile too.”

Credit: -TurkeYT

#8 – “Big smile at the park”

Credit: TheGayAndre

#9 – “What’s everyone’s favorite collar color for yellow labs?”

Credit: LjungGren

#10 – “Just a good boy and his ball ⚽️”

#11 – “Finn got a little ice cream, and smiled.”


#12 – “This girl always makes me smile!”

#13 – “Zero giving his best smile at the indoor park today.”

Credit: BigSexyMatt

#14 – “That post-play sloppy-side-tongue smile 💔💔”

Credit: JJX77

#15 – “My 3 month old yellow lab Rigsy, rate his smile 1-10!”

Credit: Webbed_Teeth
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