15 Funny Pictures Of Huskies In The Tongue Out Challenge

The tongue out challenge is joined by many husky owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared funny, unique and adorable pictures of huskies sticking out their tongues. Here are 15 funny pictures of huskies in the tongue out challenge.

#1 – “Husky: 🤪 let’s play! – Cat: 🙄 I’m not amused, you simpleton”

#2 – “Thunder.. 5 months old”

#3 – “This is Oso! 🐻 he is our most recent member to our pack when we had him last October, he is an absolute sweetheart who doesn’t make much sound or much fuss (except he LOVES toilet paper 🤦🏻‍♂️🧻) he’s slightly bi-eyed in both eyes and was the only brown dog of a black and white litter! He is our sweet boy and we’re so lucky to have him! 🤩”

#4 – “I don’t know who dug the holes in the yard mom! 🤣🤣”

#5 – “Milo – tongue out challenge”

#6 – “My Sasha will be 10 months old a week from today🐶”

#7 – “here’s our baby Luna💙 give her insta account a follow @lunashuskytails”

#8 – “my babies joining the tongue out challenge 😝”

#9 – “My big baby, Gator 🥰”

#10 – “This is my lil zombie, Wolfgala. She’s 7 months old and loves to play dead. Shall we have a tongue competition? 😋”

#11 – “I think this is jesse’s favourite challenge 😂”

Credit: Zaid Albarri

#12 – “Harvey, and his best friend, Bane! – extra points if you can guess the movie behind their names 🙂”

#13 – “Ozzy (Ozzito) my cutest boy.”

Credit: Colin Aranha

#14 – “Hi my name is Nikita and I guess I’m driving now 🥰”

Credit: Brooke Baker

#15 – “Our 1 year old boy Kakashi! We’re so in love with him! ❤️❤️❤️”

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