15 Funny Pictures Of Huskies In The Then And Now Challenge

The then and now challenge is joined by many husky owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared funny pictures of huskies in the past when they were puppies and in the present to see how these huskies have changed. Here are 15 funny pictures of huskies in the then and now challenge.

#1 – “So much can change in a year…. Our gentle giant Musubi – Xoxo”

Credit: Chelsee Sua

#2 – “My happy girl 😆 Almost 6 yrs old 😩”

#3 – “then and now challenge our chief of mischief 👑”

Credit: Kent Cahanap

#4 – “This is 10 month old, Kona! Photo on the left was at 10 weeks. BIG fan of the fluffy snow! “

Credit: Kylee Nisker

#5 – “My girl Skye! First day we brought her home to now, 2 years later. ❤️❤️”

Credit: Renee Tam

#6 – “She always sits with her legs like this. We call her frog dog.”

#7 – “Akito Kal-El at 7 wks and 2yrs old 💙”

#8 – “Loki at 7 weeks and then at 6 months 😍🐶🤗”

Credit: Alice Hardy

#9 – “My guy Odin”

Credit: Kyle Gray

#10 – “Reef’s ‘glow up’ 7 weeks ➡️ 7 months 😍 He most definitely is a beef cake 😅”

Credit: Lucy Baker

#11 – “MILO”

#12 – “Myah and Shadow 🐕🐕”

#13 – “Marlow ❤️”

Credit: Ranae Wright

#14 – “Nikita…then and now….”

#15 – “Our sweet Halo. Looks more like her momma but lately showing some of her Daddy too. We love her so much. She’s two years old.”

Credit: Suzie Kraft
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