15 Funny Pictures of Guilty Dogs’ Expressions

Guilty dogs’ expressions are shared by dog owners on social networks and receive a lot of love from dog lovers. These pictures showcase funny and cute reactions, from guilty looks to puppy eyes, these dogs show off their unmistakable expressions of mischief. Here are 15 funny pictures of guilty dogs’ expressions.

#1 – “My dog looks guilty….. My cat looks dead…”

Credit: Casen_

#2 – “”Guilty Dog Challenge – finally our one!
This is Pogo and he’s the most guilty of guilty dogs! We came home and found him covered in ‘blood’! I started to freak out and was searching and searching for the sharp item he must have cut himself on, but we couldn’t find anything.
Then we realised – he was actually fine…cue a different type of search….
Eventually we found a tube of Hair Dye in his crate which he’d stolen and hidden away!
3 months later and it was EVENTUALLY washed out but it caused a lot of funny looks on the beach and walks 😂😂””

Credit: Gemma McAdam

#3 – “Everyone is posting about their dogs looking guilty and then there’s my dog, who is clearly proud of her work.”

#4 – “I brought home leftover chicken parmy from the pub to eat later, made the mistake of bringing my bag with the food in it upstairs and then going back downstairs for about 30 seconds..”

Credit: Cait Maria

#5 – “Toast stolen off the counter…went looking for the dog and found this guilty face in the backyard!”

Credit: banditranger

#6 – “He is feeling so happy 😂😂😂”

Credit Website:

#7 – “Dog- “Couch just went “Poof!” I’m as surprised as you are! If I’m being honest here….. I think the cat did it.” 🙃🍷”

Credit: Mayra Titus

#8 – “Jake is normally such a good boy. But today after hearing a door upstairs and thinking we had an intruder, we instead discovered Jake had snuck into my mom’s room (which he’s not allowed in and has never tried to enter in his 6 years with us), and rummaged through a bag of goodies to steal a yak chew that was supposed to be for Christmas. He has no regerts”

Credit: Sam Kimber

#9 – “My friend was given an elf on the shelf at work and was supposed to bring it home and take pictures in order to be entered in a contest. Well, Pasha decided to let mom know how she felt about that creepy elf being in the house!! 😂 her face just says it all.”

#10 – “Idk but she doesn’t seem all that guilty to me?”

Credit: Rose Cardona

#11 – “The guilty face after she jumped in the pool”

#12 – “This was the cake for my parents 50th anniversary party a couple years ago. The cake had been delivered not 5 minutes before this and I had just set it on the table and stepped into the kitchen. Then Lola found it. We all had had a good laugh about it and we ate the unlicked side of the cake. “

Credit: Anne EP

#13 – ” Banjo when he gets caught doing something naughty. He automatically puts himself in time out.”

#14 – “Flashback to when we first moved into our new house and Gary Moosey took it upon himself to start the landscaping by digging a hole almost large enough for him to fit in before being caught…And making this face.”

#15 – “This is Ludo, she’s a Doberman Amstaff. Her favorite thing to do is eat the couch and destroy all cat toys. 😑
Ludo gets walked no less than 3x a day, 30-45 minutes at a time. She also goes to the park throughout the week, even though I do not favor the park due to some of the park attending dogs. I used to get so worked up about it, but now I’m coming to the realization that yelling and screaming won’t help the case. She’s a highly anxious baby.
Plus, we’re getting a new couch soon – so in essence I guess we should let the freak feathers fly up in here. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️”

Credit: Rachel Anne
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