15 Funny Pictures Of Great Danes With Their Tongues Out

Adorable and funny pictures of great danes sticking their tongues out are shared by many great dane ​​owners on social networks and received a lot of love from dog lovers. Here are 15 funny pictures of great danes with their tongues out.

1 – “My Dane the Great Dane 🐾🐾🐾♥️”

2 – “Our new pup sleeps with his tongue out lol”

3 – “Kylo (the larger) and Hansen, full bloodBrothers. They are my babies! And I just love them in this picture!”

4 – “Ole girl always with the tongue out”

Credit: Efurthy

5 – “Harley says “It’s tongue out Tuesday”🤣😂🤣😂🤣”

Credit: Kim Shepherd

6 – “She got lost for a couple of days but was finally brought home and she was TIRED. 😂 her little tongue out🥰🥰”

7 – “Sun’s out, tongue’s out in SC! Happy Wednesday y’all! ☀️👅🐶💦”

8 – “We’re trying to teach our two year old not to stick his tongue out at people😝. Oh Archie! (New to tik tok – a_great_dane_mom)”

9 – “Who else’s Dane sleeps 😴 with their tongue 👅 out? 😂”

10 – “Ignore the faces 🤣🤣🤣 I got a goofy one🤣 anyone else have a small Dane? She’ll be 10 months old on the 9th and she’s only 78 lbs😳 I haven’t measured her height yet with a measuring tape but she is 5’8 standing on her back feet 🙈”

11 – “It’s tongue out Thursday”

Credit: Ria Vance

12 – “4 months old today , and past 2 nights she sleeps with tongue out. Lol. 55 lbs of pure love.”

Credit: Peggy Hannah

13 – “Layla Don’t you know that your not supposed to stick your tongue out at your mom when she is taken your picture”

Credit: Mary Bundy

14 – “This boy is legit mad at me I made him leave the fire station today. He ate my remote, my favorite sandals (ladies jack Rogers) and my PERSCIPTION sun glasses. Like how rude. He’s NEVER chewed before. He’s always taken things and Carried them around but never ever chewed what he carries.”

Credit: Ashley Meyer

15 – “Let’s see them Tongue out Tuesday”

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