15 Funny Pictures Of Golden Retrievers In The Smiling Dog Challenge

The smiling dog challenge is joined by many golden retriever owners. They shared funny, unique and cute pictures of smiling golden retrievers. Here are 15 funny pictures of golden retrievers in the smiling dog challenge.

#1 – “this was our princess leia at the vet today for a check-up cos she loves to eat anything in sight 😆 – she threw up three times prior to this photo but she’s still smiling! she was clinging on to her momma with her big puppy paw and wouldn’t let go 🥰 she’s the happiest dog i know! – when her ears are pulled back this way, it usually means she’s happy, and i tend to call her miss bunny cos they remind me of bunny ears hehe 🐰 get well soon miss bunny, we’ll see you tomorrow!”

#2 – “My apartment building has four units. Two of them have goldens. The one upstairs greets me like this everyday 💛”

#3 – “One of our Goldens likes to smile for photos and the other one ….well … 😂”

#4 – “Playing outside makes us so happy💕”

#5 – “Marty just turned 10 weeks.”

Credit: Steve Butler

#6 – “My little ray of sunshine and movie partner Peach!”

Credit: Meg Aston

#7 – “In the car on the way home when picking him up – this was his first day with us! He looked so excited to get home”

#8 – “Our Cooper is proud to show everyone his favorite soccer ball. ☺️❤️”

#9 – “Mollie was happy that her human was back home💗🐾”

#10 – “how’s this for smiling dogs? 😃”

#11 – “Kylo posed special for the smiling dog challenge 💕”

#12 – “Meet Asher 🐶❤️”

#13 – “Hugsy 10 months old, happy to feed the geese with grandpa 🐶👨🏼‍🦳”

#14 – “Thought I’d jump on the smiling dog challenge bandwagon. Dolly (f) & Brinkley (m) IG: hellodolly_brinkley 💙”

Credit: Taylor Knapp

#15 – “Our new boy Sonny ☀️”

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