15 Funny Pictures Of German Shepherds Showing Off Their Teeth

Funny and adorable pictures of german shepherds showing their impressive and funny teeth are loved and shared by many dog lovers on social networks. With funny and cute pictures of these german shepherds hope to make you feel happy. Here are 15 funny pictures of german shepherds showing off their teeth.

#1 – “Teef. 😬😂”

Credit: kmcollins84

#2 – “someones big girl teef are coming in!”

Credit: kayroq

#3 – “Happy Saturday 😁”

#4 – “Puppy teefs”

#5 – “Sleeping in the Ideal Position”

Credit: TheBigToast

#6 – “I love these little teef.”

Credit: hjwillcox

#7 – what a great pic and set of teeth

#8 – “Sarge says hello!”

Credit: Jamie Jo

#9 – “Teefs”

Credit: ManonMasser

#10 – “Teefs at attention”

#11 – “My 6.5 month old girls brand new adult teefs 😁😁”

#12 – “Teef face is best face”

Credit: Zoraku

#13 – “Dem Teef 😬”

Credit: kmcollins84

#14 – “The awkward school photo phase”

#15 – “My puppy gracefully sleeping”

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