15 Funny Pictures Of German Shepherds In The Close Up Challenge

The close up challenge is joined by many german shepherd owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared funny pictures of german shepherd dogs that were shown in a lot of detail as it was taken very close to german shepherd dogs. Here are 15 funny pictures of german shepherds in the close up challenge.

#1 – “Gone country…”

Credit: Jamie Wells

#2 – “Pat – close up challenge”

Credit: Lynn Haupt

#3 – “2 German Shepherds and a Shepsky ❤️❤️❤️”

#4 – “My Layla”

Credit: Sue Pergola

#5 – “Miss Jasmine killing the close up challenge”

Credit: Amber Huss

#6 – “My boy Dash 🥰❤🐕‍🦺”

#7 – “Our Marley’s close up challenge ❤️ She turned 13 years young last week ❤️”

Credit: Amanda Smith

#8 – “Marshall 2 yrs old 🐾💕”

Credit: Amy Sterling

#9 – “Good Morning, FB Fwens! 🤗”

#10 – “my 4 month old RJ”

#11 – “My Lola girl 🥰”

#12 – “Zeus 🧡”

#13 – “My girl Destiny, She’s like really dad I am trying to nap. 😍🤷”

#14 – “HI… Im Turbo… And this is my close up challenge”

#15 – “Karma”

Credit: Tanya Thomas
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