15 Funny Pictures Of Dogs Showing Their Teeth

Credit FB: @‎Tatum Yates – Credit FB: @‎Anna Asbury Larkin

#Teefchallenge and #TEETHChallenge hashtags are being used by many dog owners to share pictures of their dogs showing their teeth. These pictures of dogs proudly showing off their teeth are enjoyed by many people for their humor and cuteness. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs showing their teeth that can make you laugh.

#1 – Kevin showed off his teeth

Credit FB: @‎Tatum Yates

#2 – “Bringing this collage of Toby back for the teefchallenge”

#3 – “Contrary to popular belief, this is Charlie’s happy face!”

Credit FB: @‎Becca Davis

#4 – “Philly Cheese Steak”

#5 – Rillo showed off his teeth

Credit FB: @‎Jay Prasad

#6 – Cooper with a happy smile

#7 – “smol chomp 🦈”

Credit FB: @‎Billie Jack

#8 – “Bert the jack russell x is a mega toofy weirdo but i love him”

Credit FB: @‎Penny Ramsey

#9 – “Jeannie (a.k.a. Chewbacca puppy)”

#10 – How cute!

#11 – “When Nala was getting her first few adult teefs in, she was so proud, she showed off “

#12 – “Sparky is giving us options for these challenges 😂👽”

#13 – “I present Cerberus’ teefs in all their glory”

#14 – “Our sweet Whiskey Rose has had to have a couple of benign tumors removed from her lip over the last few years and now, sometimes her lips get a little “stuck,” blessing us with this beautiful smile.”

#15 – “Applesauce would like to enter her teef into the teefchallenge”

Credit FB: @Birdie Wood
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