15 Funny Pictures Of Dogs In The Then And Now Challenge

The then and now challenge is joined by many dog owners and is loved by many dog lovers. They shared funny pictures of dogs in the past when they were puppies and in the present to see how these dogs have changed. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs in the then and now challenge.

#1 – “Someone did a heckin grow. – then and now challenge”

#2 – “It is I, Queen Scronch. – then and now challenge”

Credit: Carly West

#3 – “3 months vs 8 months 🐕💞 Bento turned 8 months old today and it’s fun to compare how much he’s grown already ! 🥺”

#4 – “About 8 yrs ago my 16yr old pit “Blaze dog” passed away. My ex decided to surprise me w a boxer puppy . He found a backyard breeder (i don’t condone) with one puppy left “on clearance” bc he was the runt and had a heart murmur. Little did they know he was royalty. Vet told me he was undersized would probably be 50 lbs max and need surgery bc his skin was so droopy his lower lids were hanging too low lol WHELP! He is 85 lbs and grew into his saggy face skin and his name of Bruiser which I named him as a joke bc he was so teeny. He will be 8 next week. 8 years of being glared at, judged , and called a strumpet. 😄😄😄”

#5 – “Mr Fancy Paws has grown up. 💙”

Credit: Billie Jack

#6 – “Ash was the most adorable little fluffy eared pup!”

Credit: Shaela Zerko

#7 – “Our girl Sage’s then and now challenge ♡”

#8 – “My little girl Bear at 2 months and now 7 months🐻 then and now challenge – Bear is a cairn terrier and Pomeranian mix for anyone asking🤗”

#9 – “My baby Timmy has grown soooo much in just two months!! 😣🥰”

#10 – “Resting Stank Face est. 2013 😂 Double chins represent”

#11 – “Needed to jump on this with my favorite side by side of our Duke”

#12 – “From lil’ smokies to bratwursts – then and now challenge”

Credit: Sarah Dawn

#13 – “Chewie 9 weeks old to 10 months old. Such a color change”

#14 – “Then: Azula, (~5 weeks) and Jackson (6 years) – Now: Azula (6 years) and Jackson (12 years)”

#15 – “My little Nacho at 2 months and only 1.5 lbs and now at 10 months and 10 lbs ❤”

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