15 Funny Pictures Of Dogs In The Teef Challenge

The teef challenge has been joined by many dog owners. They shared funny pictures of dogs with funny, unique teeth. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs in the teef challenge.

#1 – “i saw teef challenge and knew the perfect photo i had to share of miss Penny here 😂 it’s like she truly smiled for it tho ❤️”

Credit: Allie Martin

#2 – “Jeannie a.k.a. Chewbacca puppy”

#3 – “my brothers dog Rocky he’s a chonky boy”

#4 – “not sure if i own a dog or a demon 😥”

#5 – “I mean, if we are being honest here, whose jaw doesn’t drop when they see a glazed donut??! 🤔”

#6 – “My Tater Tot was born with a mild cleft palate but I think it’s the cutest thing and he is growing into it. It adds character to his spunky personality. My little tater boy is getting so big, show him some love 🤗💙 🐾”

#7 – “Sometimes my lips get stuck on my teefs” – Maggie

#8 – “This is Nigel, my new foster. He’s a senior American Hairless Terrier and he’s obese!”

#9 – “Back when I worked at an animal shelter. This pup didn’t care for the meeting with the union reps, either.”

#10 – “Mouse would like to enter the teef challenge”

#11 – “She likes to show her bottom teeth while making intense eye contact 👀”

Credit: Nikki Goguen

#12 – “It’s not exactly a perfect photo, but I finally got Reaper’s ‘gimme my toy face’ on camera. I present our entry into the teef challenge”

#13 – “moose say cheese” CHEEETH😀

#14 – “This is Patrick, my Irish Wolfhound puppy. He sleeps like this regularly. He’s 18 months old, and about 14 storeys tall and still growing 🥰”

Credit: Pagan Kelly

#15 – “Did we adopt a baby walrus? 😆 Rolo has been practising his smiles and I’d say he has perfected it.”

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