15 Funny Pictures Of Dogs In The Side Eye Challenge

The side eye challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared funny pictures of dogs with sidelong glance or gaze and funny, adorable expressions. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs in the side eye challenge.

#1 – “Shall I start a side eye challenge trend? 😂”

#2 – “Lavender here is up for the side eye challenge 🏆”

Credit: Daphne Parra

#3 – Wiener dogs in the side eye challenge 🐕🤎

#4 – ““He’s behind me, isn’t he?” -Ruby Is there a side eye challenge?”

#5 – “Tucker has many expressions, but the side eye is his specialty 👀”

Credit: Madeline Lee

#6 – “since I know how much this group loves these challenges 😂🤣 side eye challenge – Sheldon has been a side-eye master ever since he was a tiny ball of fur”

Credit: Amy Schaar

#7 – “Here’s my boy, Max – 4.5 year old mini poodle from last October.”

#8 – “I interrupted Luis Miguel’s snoozle and he was not pleased 😂”

#9 – “So…. His dad is a chef…. 👨🏾‍🍳 He just wants to help make sure his shoes stay “slip-resistant” 👁👅👁”

#10 – “When they are in time out for chewing up stuff and told not to move (that look 😂)”

Credit: Tanya Graham

#11 – “Wee Dharma Hawk shares a side eye and would love to see yours!!”

#12 – “Moses Barker (Mo Barker is his rap name) casting a little side eye here because Mom is putting her shoes on and that means she is actually going to leave the house. 😂 I work from home so don’t leave the house much.”

#13 – “Bless his heart, Buster was the most chill dog you’d ever meet but dang he was giving us some side eye here. He’s been gone for awhile now, but we still miss him everyday💔”

#14 – “New to this group. This girl loves to give me the side eye. 4lbs of sassiness!”

#15 – “Whiskey doesn’t always sleep on a pillow, but when he does, it’s DAD’S pillow.”

Credit: Ashley Harms
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