15 Funny Pictures Of Dogs In The Mug Shot Challenge

The mug shot challenge has been joined by many dog owners. They shared funny mug shots of dogs with their offenses so people could identify and investigate. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs in the mug shot challenge.

#1 – “Peach for the mug shot challenge – Peach is a Brussels Griffon. George Lucas had 6 BG’s and they were the inspiration for Ewoks. 😁❤️”

Credit: Trendee King

#2 – “Everyone’s dog over here with weapons in their mouth while here’s my little lady sweepin like Cinderelly”

#3 – “The hole in my bank account is bigger”

#4 – “At approximately 9:37 am dad responded to an alarm bark. Upon arrival at the scene he saw the suspect attempting to free the inmates next door. The matter is believed to be gang related and we are working diligently to uncover anymore co conspirators.”

#5 – “Suspect: Miss Maverick-Jean 💗 – Crime: Charged w/prepping for pawdicure in mom’s drink 😄”

Credit: Amy Michelle

#6 – “Annie claims she didn’t roll in the freshly mowed grass… her mugshot says otherwise! 😆”

#7 – “I’m a hungover wee dumpling. Bought myself a Subway to hopefully ease this living Hell. – Nipped to the toilet. Leaving my dearly needed Sub on the sofa, thinking nothing of it. – Come back and this c*ck womble had eaten every morsel, including the wrapper the sauce had leaked onto. I’m not crying, you’re crying.”

Credit: Billie Jack

#8 – “Geoffrey wanted for stealing his sister’s toy. Can you get mad at this face?”

#9 – “He ate my couch. My entire bleeping couch!!!!!! – Then looked at me like this. “

#10 – “Lavender here is up for the mug shot challenge”

Credit: Daphne Parra

#11 – “Doing a very poor job of concealing the evidence of his crime”

#12 – “I’ve been at my new home for only 4 hours and I’m guilty of chasing the kitty, scraping mom’s bare legs 47 times with my puppy claws, and trying to come inside from the backyard by JUMPING through a high window instead of going through the open doggy door. Oh I also stuck my tongue in the baby’s mouth because kisses are life 🐶” -Sadie, my 4 month old turd blossom


Credit: Amy Diaz

#14 – “So Blueberry would like to show his “innocent face” when I asked him who ate my shoe… Then he pretended to die, ded “

#15 – “Pablo. Need I say more.🤎”

Credit: Jess Lea
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