15 Funny Pictures Of Dogs In The Hidden Dog Challenge

The hidden dog challenge is joined by many dog owners. They shared funny pictures and need to double check to discover the dogs have been hidden. Here are 15 funny pictures of dogs in the hidden dog challenge.

#1 – “Pork Chop wants to join the hidden dog challenge”

#2 – “A Fern 🌿 in her natural habitat.” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

#3 – “please don’t ruin it for others that are still looking for my really sneaky dog.” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

#4 – “We can finally participate in the hidden dog challenge”

Credit: Jessie Monk

#5 – “Can someone help me find Sydney for bath time? 🤔” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

#6 – “This challenge is what I’ve been waiting for!! This is my last foster (who got an amazing home btw) blending into her surroundings… hidden dog challenge🏆”

#7 – “Ok, hidden dog challenge 2 from me today. Obviously there is one dog butt in this picture, but can you find the second dog? This one is TOUGH! Get your 👓 😂”

Credit: Becca Davis

#8 – “Our protectors. There are three 👀😆” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

#9 – “No one has the heart to tell Bruno that he isn’t a big dog” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

Credit: Dana Howard

#10 – “There are 4 dogs in this photo… hidden dog challenge”

#11 – “I was looking for my dog and walked right past him. Had a moment of panic when I couldn’t find him! That’s when I finally saw him sleeping on his bear. 😅”

Credit: Liz Kim

#12 – “Tell me when you spot Mac! He likes to hang out in the sewing room! 🤣” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

#13 – “5 dogs eating doggie cake and ice cream – hidden dog challenge”

#14 – “The wicked witch of the east 😂” – The Hidden Dog Challenge

#15 – “Guys my dog vanished hidden dog challenge”

Credit: Ali Dunn
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