15 Funny Pictures Of Dachshunds In The Sleeping Dog Challenge

The sleeping dog challenge is joined by many dachshund owners. They shared funny and adorable pictures of sleeping dachshunds with weird and unique poses. Here are 15 funny pictures of dachshunds in the sleeping dog challenge.

#1 – “Pinto Puppy🖤🤍🤎”

#2 – “My beautiful beautiful baby Emilio 💖✨”

#3 – “Sunbathing beauty.❤️”

Credit: Amber Kidd

#4 – “She is very spoiled to say the least. She sleeps most of the day or until she smells food lol. She is almost blind and deaf but still lives the best life ever. She has a brother that helps her alone most times his name is Cooper and he is a Bassador and 3 years of age.”

#5 – “Cynthia’s first day home with us. ❤️”

#6 – “Yogi ❤ – sleeping dog challenge”

#7 – “Our baby boy Benji Daxter… ❤️ Please don’t disturb me Mom 🛏️”

#8 – I hope this dachshund is comfortable 💤

Credit: Jeremy Downs

#9 – “Huckleberry is brand new and loves to sleep and snuggle with his mama!”

Credit: Brandi Cree

#10 – How cute 🐶🐾💖

Credit: Amanda Crane

#11 – “My Baby Max 💙🐾”

#12 – “My buddy, Buddy. Love him more than life. ❤️”

#13 – Sweet dachshund in sleeping dog challenge 🥰💕💖

#14 – Looks like this Dachshund can sleep comfortably in any position 🐾💕🥰

#15 – “more of my angel! 🍎👁❤️”

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