15 Funny Pictures Of Corgis With Their Tongues Out

Corgis, with their irresistibly cute stature and playful personalities, have an uncanny ability to bring joy with just a wag of their tail and a lolling tongue. From their playful antics to the heartwarming and often side-splitting expressions that accompany these tongue-wagging escapades, these snapshots offer a peek into the charming world of Corgi charm. Whether you’re a Corgi enthusiast or simply seeking a hearty chuckle, these adorable images are sure to brighten your day and remind you of the unique charisma that Corgis bring to our lives. Here are 15 funny pictures of corgis with their tongues out.

#1 – “Banjo disapproves of his first vet visit! Tongue out for double disapproval 😝”

Credit: Livy Reed

#2 – “Pancake sticking her tongue out at daddy for making her tinkle in the rain…”

Credit: Mike Anthony

#3 – “Charlotte disapproves of Penelope’s tongue out. 👅👻”

#4 – “Nutella likes it when she sticks her tongue out everytime she sleeps 😂😍😭👅👅👅”

Credit: Em Berbano

#5 – “Tipsy always sticking her tongue out when it’s time for a post groomers selfie”

#6 – “Gizmo’s reaction to our epic new shower curtain – sticking his tongue out! 😛”

Credit: Erin Mahoney

#7 – “Nic and Mona…. She didn’t believe me when I told her “ Those are the stairways to Corgi Heaven “ and stuck out her tongue… but Nic got all soft and happy about it.”

#8 – “Molly stuck her tongue out at me to show she disapproves of taking a “belly picture”.”

Credit: Cyn Dee

#9 – “Barrie disapproves of everything by sticking her tongue out.”

#10 – “Piggie Von Espie – Tongue Out Tuesday”

#11 – “I think Remy disapproved of stopping for pictures at his big brother’s soccer game 😂 the tongue out says it all.”

Credit: Kayla Rogers

#12 – “tongue out in disapproval from Koda 😛”

Credit: Melina Winn

#13 – “Rolo caught sticking his tongue out while he was sleeping and completely disapproves of us laughing about it 🤣”

#14 – “Happy Tongue out Tuesday everyone!! Let’s see those silly tongues!!”

#15 – “Stanley Winston disapproves of having his photo taken, so he decided to stick his tongue out at you.”

Credit: Julia Torres
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