15 Funny Pictures Of Corgi Teefs

Funny and adorable pictures of corgi teefs with an adorable snaggle teefs, a silly snarl, or beautiful smiles are loved and shared by many dog lovers on social networks. With funny and cute pictures of these corgi teefs hope to make you feel happy. Here are 15 funny pictures of corgi teefs.

#1 – “Louie disapproves of his lips getting stuck on his teef!! but mom likes it because it looks like he’s smiling 😆😆😆”

Credit: Claire Page

#2 – “Look at my teef when I smile big”

Credit: Fun_End_540

#3 – “Here are my shark teefs!”

#4 – “I lose my baby teefs to get big boi teefs”

Credit: Chibbayyyy

#5 – “Our new baby Miley asks “maaaam, do I have somethin in my teeeeths?””

#6 – “Here is a rare picture of the corgi shark showing off its teefs”

Credit: marriott81

#7 – “Brownie disapproves of me telling him to show me his teef 😬”

#8 – “Mabel disapproves of anything.”

#9 – “Corgi owners are a special breed!! Show me those teef!”

Credit: Angela Renee

#10 – “Look at my teef, so tiny”

#11 – “Copper Dissaproves of long car rides 😂”

#12 – “Smile with teef”

Credit: Chibbayyyy

#13 – “At least he approves being on my lap”

#14 – “Doc, how my teef look?”

#15 – “Let me take a nap mom 🙄”

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