15 Funny Pictures of Bernese Mountain Dogs With Unique Sleeping Positions

Bernese mountain dogs are sleeping with adorable, unique and funny sleeping positions that make everyone smile when looking at them. These pictures are loved and shared a lot in groups about bernese mountain dogs. Here are 15 funny pictures of bernese mountain dogs with unique sleeping positions.

#1 – “I present the classic Berner sleep mode… both old and young”

Credit: johnstoneak

#2 – “Play hard. Sleep hard.”

#3 – “Nap Time”

Credit: Kylo_BMD

#4 – “My coworker is always sleeping on the job”

#5 – “Does anyone else’s pup sleep like this 😂”

#6 – “Does anyone else’s berner sleep like this?”

Credit: jontracey

#7 – “Charlotte and her weird ways of sleeping”

Credit: djaiss

#8 – “Does anyone else’s Berners sleep like this? I’ve never had a dog who consistently sleeps this way!”

Credit: mrsb9181

#9 – “Road trip! They take turns sleeping on each other <3”

Credit: s4r4hz

#10 – “Here is Duck sleeping like he passed out from an all night drinking binge.”

Credit: Beardan407

#11 – “When sleeping like a twisted pretzel is life”

Credit: tapas_n-beer

#12 – “This yoga pose is called Sleeping Dog”

#13 – “Another classic berner sleeping position – anything that looks incredibly uncomfortable 😂”

#14 – “Anyone else’s sleep like this?”

#15 – “Who’s derp sleeps like this?”

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