15 Funny Pictures Of Adult German Shepherds With Puppy Eyes

German Shepherd Dogs with their puppy eyes and innocent expressions are so easy to melt the heart of anyone who looks at them. Many german shepherd owners have shared pictures of their adult german shepherds but still regularly use their puppy eyes in many funny and adorable situations. Here are 15 funny pictures of adult german shepherds with puppy eyes.

#1 – “Theo the Seeing Eye puppy being goofy off duty”

Credit: katietee59

#2 – “Coco Chanel. 🥰 Safe to say she has the whole puppy dog eyes down. 😍”

Credit: Erin Jade

#3 – “A pic of my late GSD, Lena. Everyday I miss her looking at me with those puppy dog eyes. Rest in Peace my beautiful loyal Angel. You’ll forever be missed.”

Credit: Aulupus

#4 – “WARNING * Extreme puppy eyes, they might melt you. I’m already a puddle 😍 Khaleesi your too much 🥰”

#5 – “When they give you the puppy eyes”

Credit: spynextdoor

#6 – “He’s begging for a triscuit. Those puppy eyes… Still a no.. hahahah.”

#7 – “This is Tricia. She’s a Seeing Eye Puppy in training. She’s a master of the mlem but she still has a lot to learn before she’s ready to guide someone.”

Credit: VelvetValk

#8 – “Charlie has mastered “puppy-dog eyes””

Credit: Ahnie

#9 – ““Please daddy…one more throw!” Best puppy eyes in the biz. ♥️”

Credit: gamess1982

#10 – “The definition of puppy eyes”

#11 – “Those cute puppy eyes 👀!”

Credit: AlBox8

#12 – “Don’t let the puppy dog eyes fool you.”

#13 – “Can’t say no to those puppy eyes! 🥺”

Credit: prospector94

#14 – “9 years old and still looking at me with those same puppy eyes”

Credit: martinez1r

#15 – “Always with the puppy eyes”

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